Texas Certificate Of Authority

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Certificate of Authority Application for a Captive Insurance Company Certificate of Authority Application for a Captive Insurance Company, either a Texas start up or a company wishing to redomesticate to Texas

A "certificate of status" is a certificate issued by the Secretary of State that serves as official evidence of an entity’s existence or authority to transact business in Texas. A certificate of status provides a statement of an entity’s status, as well as the entity’s current legal name and date of formation or registration.

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Complete Form 05-359, Request for Certificate of Account Status to Terminate a Taxable Entity’s Existence in Texas (PDF), to obtain a certificate for filing with the Secretary of State. The certificate is available in hard copy or PDF format. Get More Information Review our Franchise Tax Frequently Asked Questions.

Definition. A certificate of authority gives permission to a business formed in another state (a "foreign" entity) to operate within the borders of the authorizing state. The certificate is granted when the foreign business registers with the new state.

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Application for Certificate of Authority to Dispose of an Abated Public Nuisance vehicle vtr-71-6 application for Authority to Dispose of an Abandoned Nuisance Vehicle to a Demolisher

Texas Certificate of Authority for Foreign Texas Corporation. $100 foreign corp. northwest Registered Agent will complete your foreign qualification in any state for $100 plus state fees.

Foreign businesses must have permission to complete business transactions in Texas. A certificate of registration (formerly called a certificate of authority) is written permission from the Texas.

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